Golf Gadgets Part 4 – X2 Golf Segway

This might not be a golf gadget for everyone, but we love the Golf Segway and just had to include it in our golf gadget series. The X2 model Segway has turf-friendly tires that allow it to be driven both on and off the greens. This special model Segway has an easy-access score card holder and hag carrier. The X2 Golf Segway is both convenient and fun, providing the ideal way to maneuver the golf course.

Read more about the X2 Golf Segway on the official Segway website.

Date: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
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    […] Since their introduction in 2002, the two-wheeled upright vehicles have never quite lived up to the early buzz they generated (Steve Jobs was quoted as saying the Segway would be as big as the PC).  However, Segways have gained popularity in niche markets such as police departments, corporate campuses and golf courses. […]

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